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Computer systems are increasingly bottlenecked by data movement costs and are no longer able to keep up with the “big data” explosion. This trend is compounded by the fact that data in memory is stored without any consideration of data content, usage patterns, or how data are grouped into higher-level objects. Many algorithms also exhibit poor temporal locality (because they only touch data items once) and poor spatial locality (because they exhibit irregular access patterns across vast data sizes), making caches inefficient. MORE >



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This event on October 1, 2022 was organized by CRISP and included a tutorial that presented a background for those just beginning to be interested in the topic of PIM, and a workshop showcasing emerging research and “lessons learned” from prior PIM research, and facilitate discussions among current and future researchers in this topic area.

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CRISP PI Kevin Eliceiri, U. Wisconsin-Madison, has been named one of the Open Hardware Trailblazer Fellows from the Open Source Hardware Association and the Alfred P.

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At the International Symposium on Computer Architecture Awards Banquet on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, CRISP PI Moin Qureshi was announced as this year’s winner of the ACM SIGARCH Maurice Wilkes Award, “for contributions to high performance memory systems.”  The Maurice Wilkes award is given annually for an outstanding contribution to computer architecture made by an individual whose computer-relate