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Jing Li

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Jing Li

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jing Li is an assistant professor and Dugald C. Jackson Faculty Scholar at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is also affiliated with Computer Science department.

She spent her early career at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a Research Staff Member after obtaining her PhD degree from Purdue University in 2009. Her general research interest is developing new computing paradigm, driven either by technologies (from bottom-up) or by workloads (from top-down) or by both. Her primary area of interests is "everything about memory" with a strong emphasis on “design for transformation”, including but are not limited to near-/in-memory computing, associative/cognitive computing, reconfigurable computing and programming model, design automation, IC design, architecture-aware algorithm design, and evolving applications, which can transform today's hardware-software hierarchy. In addition to modelings and simulations, additional emphasis is put on real hardware demonstration through architecting, designing and testing new hardware prototypes both at chip level and system level.