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New UVA center seeks to reinvent computing

The Daily Progress
crisp uva faculty

Kevin Skadron, Mircea Stan and Samira Khan formed UVa’s new Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory in January through a $27.5 million grant from the corporation to tackle the “memory wall” — a bottleneck in computers that cannot process massive modern datasets.

As health care, science and technology systems grow more and more data-intensive and analytics become more sophisticated, current computer systems are unable to feed data to the processor fast enough, wasting time and energy. That gap between needed power and ability, first articulated by UVA professor emeritus William Wulf and graduate student Sally McKee, is often called the “memory wall.”

The 20 faculty members on [the] team will investigate how to rebuild the entire computer processing system, from better memory chips and wiring to new software that can process complex and fragmented problems.

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